Tuesday, October 7, 2014

We all judge

“But I keep cruising. Can’t stop, won’t stop grooving,” Shake It Off, Taylor Swift

Everyone is judgmental, everyone! Of course there are different levels of judgment, but no one can truthfully say they have lived a life never judging others.
A favorite saying of mine is, don’t judge others because they sin differently. I still believe that with all my heart, but I am not perfect, I have judged. It makes me human.

But the thing I don’t get about judgment is how the biggest judgers think they aren’t. When you complain about someone judging you, they are the first to show outrage. Seriously? You totally just judged me in the way you asked that question.  So what would Laura Bush do?
I think Laura Bush would just let it go. What’s the point of getting defensive when someone judges you, especially someone that doesn’t even know you? That is much easier said than done. I have mastered the art of just accepting judgment. I do make it easy for others. “OH MY GOD, you aren’t trying to find a husband?” “Your life is incomplete without children.” “You are a waitress?” Oh yes, I sure make it easy.

I don’t always succeed, but it is really hard to get me to engage. I could easily answer back with something like “well, I am in graduate school,” but I don’t. Their mind has been made up. Let them think what they want, they are leaving someone else alone. Laura Bush would walk away, and so will I.
But what I think is the hardest is enduring judgment from those close to you, those that claim they don’t judge you. Those that justify their judgment as “looking out for you.” True, some questions are asked out of just interest and kindness, but those aren’t the questions I am referring to here. How would Laura Bush handle one more question about her love life if she was me? One more question about finding a “real” job. One more question about getting a new car.  Just one more judgment-laced question?

Well first, because it is Laura Bush, class is most important. One classy thing is I don’t particularly like talking about myself. Those close to me know I don’t share much. I can be dating someone for months, and they have no idea. This opens up a whole assuming the worse about me, but that is a topic for another day. Because I prefer to not share much, that ensures class. I won’t say anything out of line or spill information about others. People can continue to think how they want, that is their right.
Being Laura Bush I will just have to remind myself, no one is perfect. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Who am I to say they are wrong. Maybe I am all these things. Maybe their judgment is just. The key is to walk away and remain kind.

Today’s post is all over the place, but so is judgment. There is no rhythm or reason to it, much like me. But as I prepare for my day and face judgment, I will remember to ask, what would Laura Bush do?
Author’s Note: Damn this song is catchy. Since I have mentioned Miss Swift a few times in previous posts, figured it was only time to reference her music. Unfortunately, this is really the only song I know. It is still perfect for this entry.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


“I know tomorrow brings the consequence at hand. But I keep living this day like the next will never come,” Criminal, Fiona Apple

The idea of perception, and how others perceive the same thing, has always confused me. People will see things the way they want, and because of that, issues will always arise. You may not have intended something one way, but as soon as someone perceives it that way, you are screwed. No matter what you say, once their mind is made up, nothing will change it. So what would Laura Bush do?
It seems that for a while, I have perceived something much different than another person. What I thought was simple kindness was taken as flirting. Sadly, that was never my intention. I am sorry, but it wasn’t. While it is true that I am so clueless and naïve in this area, my intention was one of niceness and nothing else. That will teach me in the future for sure. It makes me sad that people no longer recognize genuine kindness. Have we all become that egotistical that simply talking to someone about their life has to mean they are into them? Really, really sad.

Apparently this was the perception of others resulting in me being the topic of a conversation. While no one likes knowing they are being spoken of untruthfully, I look at it this way, at least they are leaving someone else alone. Fast forward to me being told some cruel things and me basically wanting nothing to do with this person for the foreseeable future.
As I have said before, no one wants to be blamed or told how horrible they are. Never did I do or say anything that would make someone think this about me, but their opinion of me is theirs, not mine. If they have an issue with me it is their problem and really none of my business.
So how would Laura Bush have handled this? Would she have just ended any friendship with the person or would she have tried a little harder? I am not sure she would have just walked away like I am deciding to do, but maybe she would have. How do I know? While kindness is first and foremost in both our lives, that doesn’t mean we will be doormats either. There is only so much one person can take. Even the nicest people have their limits. If you are going to say cruel things to a person, why would anyone want you in their life?

Sometimes people take their own issues out on others because it makes them feel better. They will talk about others in hopes others won’t find that person appealing. But even knowing this, why would you keep that person around? What good can come from that?
I am not sure that this entry is exactly how Laura Bush may have handled the situation, but I still think picking being nice over interacting with someone who has shown they can be cruel is the way to go. Not feeling any remorse for wanting no contact with them is helping me think I made the correct decision. I just don’t need another person blaming me, especially for something they perceived differently than intended.

This entry does, however, showcase a sort of growth in me. A few months ago I would have never posted this since I am so extremely private, but I felt it was time to open that door just a bit. As hard as it is for me, and as hard as it will be for me to hit the publish button, if I can help another person experiencing this, then it was worth it. I may receive backlash for it, but that is the price I am willing to pay to possibly help another person. It’s a tough world, and us lost in the world need to stick together.
I will succeed and I will fail, but I will always ask, what would Laura Bush do?

Author’s Note: This was the song playing as I was heading home tonight. It is a great song. I also thought it fit because while I don’t feel I did anything wrong, the perception of others’ may be that I did. You decide.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Laura is everywhere!

“It’s not too hard to figure out, you see it every day. And those that were the farthest out have gone the other way,” Hip To Be Square, Huey Lewis & The News

Last week for me was just chaos. There really is no other way to say it. I was so beyond busy, I was a mess. Graduate school work was intense and I worked a couple doubles on top of it. Just when I would catch my breath, someone else was asking something of me. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to everyone and everything. Some understood, some didn’t. Fortunately, I was reminded of just how amazing people can be by a few very Laura Bush-ish actions.
Two of my friends always want my presence at a weekly event, but it isn’t always possible. I have to pick and choose when I can make it, and when I just can’t. Both are understanding, but they still want me there. Well, last week everything lined up and I was able to spend a few hours with them. When I met them I told them I wasn’t sure how long I could stay, and the response was so Laura Bush. They told me, “we just want to see you, doesn’t matter for how long.” It made me happy inside. They both know how busy I am and are appreciative of any effort. To them it wasn’t the amount of time we were together, all that mattered was that we were together. Both know it won’t always be this way, and for that I thank them. I think Laura Bush would approve.

Later the same week, I had to tell someone that I just didn’t have the time they deserved. It is hard living the starving artist life, and for the next two years it is most likely not going to get better. It just wasn’t fair to them, or me. I felt guilty for my lack of time and it was a strain on both of us. After I said what I needed to say, the response was one of compassion and understanding. The final response was, “it’s worth the wait.” A situation that could have gotten ugly didn’t. It could have easily gotten childish, easily placed blame and pointed fingers, but that never happened. The high road was taken, and for that I will always cherish the time. Plus, who doesn’t want to hear they are worth it? Taking the high road, now that just screams Laura Bush.
A close friend of mine experienced an illness in their family recently. As scary as the event was for them, watching our friends rally around them was truly moving. It didn’t matter what any of us had to do that day, weekend, or month, we were there for them. Not that my friends are not a caring group, but watching how everyone rallies around each other reminded me why I choose to spend my little free time with these people. All of them have a little Laura Bush in them. They show kindness above all else.

I don’t know Taylor Swift personally, but the more I learn of her, the more I respect her. As I have written before, I get her and believe in her honesty. I still don’t really love her music, but I dig her. Anyway, she was on the cover of my Rolling Stone magazine recently and I was impressed with her class in the photos. The photos were of her at the beach wearing jeans and a white tank top. Being a white shirt, in the water, the photos could have been completely trashy (Rolling Stone has been known to go that route), but they weren’t. You never saw too much of her. You never saw anything you wouldn’t want her young fan base to see. She showed the world that you can be beautiful without being cheap. Well done Miss Swift. I think Laura Bush would approve.
So remember to take a look around, you will see Laura Bush in everyone. Essentially meaning, you will see kindness everywhere. And when faced with a situation that isn’t showing Laura Bush, stop and simply ask, what would Laura Bush do?  

Editor’s Note: If you think Huey Lewis & The News needs explaining, stop and give it another listen. Or just watch Back to the Future.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


“I’ve been crushed by tumbling tide. And my soul has been psychedelicized,” Time Has Come Today, The Chamber Brothers

So I came to another realization recently, I no longer seem to have any time. Seriously, every moment of my life now seems to be filled with work, school or training. It’s a good thing I don’t require a whole lot of sleep to function. Well, that is until it catches up with me. Making it worse is the sense I am being pulled in a million different directions by many different people. So, what does it take for me going forward to just say no without the fear of disappointment or retaliation?
I would like to believe 100 percent those that truly support me will understand. That when I just can’t make it somewhere or tackle another project, they will understand. Unfortunately, this is not the case as of late. The times I have said no have upset people. So what would Laura Bush do?

There are some that understand and don’t get mad, but ask if there is anything they can do to help. My best friend is one of those people. When I need to do homework and cancel plans, she never gets mad. Sometimes she is the one that suggests it. But others sure like to throw it back in my face.
For example, the passive aggressive text along the lines of “I know you are just so busy, but can you…” I get these often. Another favorite, “you are just so popular, I need to get on your schedule in advance.” I really wish me being busy was a sign of being so popular as opposed to the truth, being so stressed. Newsflash, you aren’t helping by adding to it by making me feel guilty.

I am partly to blame since most of my life I have been the person that is always there. Always available for every project, every party, every meltdown, every graduation, every wedding, every…you get the point. I am always happy to be that person, but by being that person, I fear I have created a monster. Now the shock of me saying no is making others mad. It is made worse by the fact I don’t feel it necessary to explain myself. And contrary to popular belief, rarely is my reason exciting. Yes, I would much rather go to a movie than write a paper, but this is my life now. That graduate degree isn’t going to earn itself.
The times I do decide to say yes and put a commitment on the backburner since “it isn’t due yet,” something always happens. I don’t blame others when something gets in the way preventing me to finish, it is just my dumb luck sometimes. But it has made me realize I really need to put myself first. Get all my commitments taken care of. Get those papers graded, get those emails answered, get that paper done, then do the things asked of me.

So going forward, how do I stay true to myself while not disappointing others? How would Laura Bush?
I am going to begin by reminding myself why I am doing what I am doing — working two jobs (sometimes three) and going to graduate school. I am doing it for me. This isn’t for anyone else, it is for me.

Next, I am going to politely decline offers. This will be hard for me at first since I will feel guilty. I know I shouldn’t, but I will. It is too late to change this trait about me. But with every decline I give, I will be kind. I will be Laura Bush. I am pretty sure she can’t do everything asked of her.
I will still be to as much as I can, and help with all I can, but will remind myself that I need a break. To remember just how beat I was this past weekend when I was running that I just couldn’t go on. I was walking dead in a sense. I don’t want to be that person, it wasn’t pretty or fun.

Finally, I will remind myself I am happy. Yes, I am crazy busy, tired most days, stressed beyond belief, but still happy as amazing as that is. This is my life, this is how I am living it for a while, and it is Ok with me. Being happy, being me, and working toward a goal, how could that not be Laura Bush?
Author’s Note: On my ride home from work I was thinking of possible lyrics to use with this entry that involved time. There were numerous options that came to mind, but this one was the one I kept coming back to. I have always loved this song. Plus, I love any time an artist creates a new word.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

What to do?

“Are you wanting inspiration? You spill your secrets on me,” Thorn In My Pride, The Black Crowes

After over a week of what can only be described as the plague, and a little Labor Day fun, I have made my way back to my keyboard. And more importantly, back to Laura Bush.
Even though I was away from writing for some time, I was still faced with different what would Laura Bush do moments. Today I am going to focus on one that will hopefully result in some much needed guidance.  

I friend came to me recently to share some news with me. It wasn’t good news. Aside from the problem at hand, I had no idea what to say or how to be there for them. Seriously, it is a topic that I have absolutely no experience with and I am pretty sure I failed miserably helping my friend talk about it.  
Amongst those closest to me, they have instructed me to just not give advice ever in certain areas. Apparently, my advice isn’t always the best. But that said, what do you do when they come to you, only you, and they need you? I know how to be there for people, but I don’t always have the words. What would Laura Bush do?

This isn’t a problem that will go away overnight for my friend. It is a problem that we will face together for as long as we need to. But how do I make sure I help and don’t harm? Having no firsthand experience will limit anything I can say. I understand some venting time may be in order where I really don’t have to give advice, just listen, but what do I do when asked, “what am I going to do?” Do I let the call go silent or do I make something up? Do I research what experts say, or do I speak from the heart? I have no idea.
I hope that Laura Bush would do what I am trying to do, be there. So as I try to help a friend get through the next phase in their life, I will remember to channel Laura Bush. I will listen. I will be there. I will try to find the words. And I will be kind.

I will fail sometimes, but also succeed in being there. I will let my friend know I am trying, I love them and we will get through it. And I will continue to ask, what would Laura Bush do?
Author’s Note: The Black Crowes are one of my top bands (ever) and this song is my favorite. Today just felt like a Black Crowes kind of day.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Saying goodbye

“People passing by they would stop and say, Oh my that little country boy could play,” Johnny B. Goode, Chuck Berry

This week I said goodbye to an amazing woman, my grandmother. No matter how much we think we are prepared for a death, we never really are. I know she is at peace, and at 95 years of age, lived a great life. She experienced many ups and downs, but remained a fighter. Some of my best childhood memories are of times spent with her. Times my sister and I stayed the night playing Racko, staying up all night, and watching movies we really weren’t supposed to watch. The best thing was, she was always there with us having just as much fun.
Many, many years ago my grandmother said something that has been a family quote ever since. One of the times I was a topic of discussion, she simply said, “Kitt is Kitt.” She summed me up perfectly. Her true understanding of me, for good or bad, is a memory I will forever cherish and remember as I learn to live in a world without her.

More than anyone, I think my grandmother knew just how much I am my father’s daughter, her son. I may look just like my mom, but I am my dad. From sharing the same taste in music, television, books and film, to sitting the same way when watching anything, to being a little misunderstood and closed-off, I am my dad. My grandmother always seemed to understand that. She knew that my dad was my hero, in good times and bad. I like to think that he was hers as well. All families have ups and downs, but the love is always there.
So as I prepare for the influx of family arriving, and all that comes with a passing of a loved one, I remember the good and forget the bad. There is no need in remembering any of that. There is only need in celebrating a beautiful life. And when things get tense, as they always do when family is involved, I will simply stop and think, what would Laura Bush do?

Author’s Note: I picked this song because the movie Johnny B. Good was one of those films my grandmother let us watch when we really weren’t old enough. Good thing we didn’t really understand some of it!

Thursday, August 14, 2014


“Well I got to keep it going keep it going full steam. Too sweet to be sour too nice to be mean,” Intergalactic, Beastie Boys

Last week I received a text from a friend that made me stop and think. Her text read, “I don’t know why I see the good in people, they mostly suck.” The text conversation continued, but I did have to wonder. Is it ever time to stop always seeing the good? Can you be hurt enough to just realize it is no longer feasible to continue believing in others?
I have always seen the good in people. As I have mentioned before, it is a fault of mine. But what would Laura Bush do when a friend starts to have doubts? She hasn’t had the best go of things, but until now she was always positive. She was a kind, genuine person. She was the kind of friend everyone should have. I have struggled as well seeing the good, even when there wasn’t any to see, but I still believe. I have been hurt, I have doubted, but for me I will continue believing in people. Is it selfish to try to push my beliefs on her when I can’t really promise people won’t disappoint her? What would Laura Bush do?

I think Laura Bush would listen. I will respond with positive thoughts, but I will understand where she is coming from. I will remind myself that I have also had my doubts, and what she needs is an ear to listen. She may doubt others, but I will show her that she won’t ever doubt me. I will continue to show her that there are good people out there. There are people who truly care about her, no matter what.
It may hurt me in the end, but I am going to continue seeing the good in people and in everything. I will show my friend the good. And I will show her what Laura Bush would do.

Author’s Note: I absolutely love the Beastie Boys. I love that their rhymes never had to be incredibly dirty or vulgar. They had a message and used words to get it out. They had fun songs, while also having thought provoking songs. I miss them.

Friday, August 8, 2014

It's Friday!

“Smile and grin at the change all around, pick up my guitar and play,” Won’t Get Fooled Again, The Who.

As some of my recent posts have alluded to, I was not having the best week. I am not complaining nor do I blame anyone else. It was just a funk I was in. It happens. But I am not dwelling on it. That is not very Laura Bush. As poorly as I may have been feeling, there were people that showed me that it didn’t matter that I was down, but also showed me that there was no need to be that way. They showed me that Laura Bush is in all of us.
Earlier in the week when it seemed that everything was just blowing up in my face, one person was sending me texts that were helping get my mind off of things. He didn’t care what was going on, who was right, he only cared about me. He said the right things and made me laugh. He has his own things going on, but he still made sure I was Ok. How is that not something Laura Bush would do?

Yesterday I had another one of my marathon phone dates with a close friend. She has been through a lot the past week, but she listened to me. She heard me. She knows that I have trouble opening up, but she didn’t let that stop me. She, in the kindest way, made me open up. She knew that I needed more than just the offer to talk, I needed the effort. I opened up more than I usually do and it was much needed. She gave advice, we laughed, and she completely turned my day and mood around. And of course, she told me to never let it get as bad as I had and to call her anytime. Well this is a given, our 2 hour phone call didn’t even come close to some of our other long calls. Much like my friend the night before, she understood I needed her and she delivered. She helped in the way only she can. She showed me that Laura Bush kindness that I seek to see in the world.
Thursday nights are my BFF nights. Besides having the most understanding husband ever, she has two of the most loving children. Kids are too young to judge and are just pure. Her kids love me with the type of unconditional love only kids can offer. Neither one cares what is going on in my life, they just want me there. They just want to see me, talk to me, and hug me. If ever in a bad mood, spend 10 minutes with those two kids and you will definitely feel better.

So today is a new day. A new day to realize that things really aren’t that bad. A new day to ask, what would Laura Bush do?
Author’s Note: I couldn’t think of a lyric to use today, so figured I would just go with my favorite band.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


“Your best friend always sticking up for you even when I know you’re wrong,” Drops of Jupiter, Train

Choices I have made have been questioned lately by others, and by me. I have been judged, I have been supported, and I have been lost. The thing is, I don’t regret a single choice I have made. Those choices have gotten me where I am today, for better or for worse. To others where I am may not seem ideal, but good thing I am not them. I don’t believe any of my choices were wrong. In the moment when you make a choice, you believe it is right. It may not end well, but you had a reason to make it.
I don’t really believe in regrets either. Life sucks some times, but nothing is perfect. Do I wish some things turned out differently? Of course, but I don’t dwell on it. My decisions weren’t for anyone to agree with, they were for me. I don’t need agreement, I need respect.

Any readers of this blog know that I am not good with confrontation. I avoid it at all costs, and because of that it is easy to be blamed. I don’t feel I need to justify any of my actions. If I did, then why would I do it? Why do something you have to explain later? It is easy for everyone to gang up on me because I won’t fight back. I won’t justify myself. Partly because I avoid confrontation, partly because I don’t feel I need to. If someone isn’t going to get my side of a story, that is on them. It sucks, but I can’t change it.
So how would Laura Bush handle herself when her actions are called into question? I think she would handle it like I have been. I listen to the advice of others, accept they think I am wrong, and then simply move on. My actions are not for anyone else but me. In the end, you only have to be Ok with yourself and not take everything so personally. I may struggle with not taking everything so personally, but I never struggle with not being kind. People will sometimes always believe the negative and hear what they want, but that doesn’t mean I have to listen.

As I take a hard look at why people may believe my choices were wrong, I will remember that everyone has a right to their opinion. I don’t have to agree or really mind that others feel one way. I accept everyone’s opinion. But one thing I don’t have to accept is ever living my life by not asking, what would Laura Bush do?
Author’s Note: I am not a fan of Train, but this song was on when I was waiting in line at the store thinking about my next blog. Figured, why not use it today.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


“Ya callin’ my name, but I gotta make it clear. Can’t say where I’m gonna be in a year,” Sweet Emotion, Aerosmith

The whole idea of feelings is a tricky business. You are damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Lately, I have had my feelings hurt and I have decided that maybe expressing how I feel isn’t the best bet for me. Sometimes I wear my heart on my sleeve, but those days may be over. It never really gets you anywhere and rarely does it get the outcome you want.
As I have written about before, opening up is not my strong suit. I was trying to change that, but I have decided that I am done trying. Keeping it to myself has worked for me in the past, why change that? “A fool vents all his feelings, but a wise man holds them back” (Prov 29:11).

The thing is, you can’t change how you feel. It isn’t for anyone else to understand, your feelings are yours. Genuine people in your life will understand that. No one is ever going to always agree with you, but they can respect you. Sometimes feelings are irrational, but that is another reason they are tricky. To others they may not make sense, but trust in your feelings. No one is saying you have to be right.
I expressed some feelings earlier this week and it blew up in my face. What was I thinking? I am not that girl. I don’t get down on it or get too upset with people, I just am. This is my burden to bear. I am fully aware that to some people I provide a sort of example. When they get down they can think, well things could be worse. And that’s fine. I don’t feel the same way, but will gladly give them an escape if needed.

I have always been a strong believer in never really saying anything to someone about people who may be their friends. I don’t mean just not talking about them, especially when it’s good news, I mean putting someone in a situation to make them uncomfortable or feel they need to pick a side. I don’t believe in picking a side. I broke that belief this weekend, and I am paying for it dearly. I have upset more people than I ever intended and am kind of on my own for a while. Even after my apology, I know it is time for me to just step back for a while. I took happiness away from someone and it made me appear to be selfish. Much like my dislike for being unkind, I really dislike selfishness.
Now how does pushing it all back down resemble Laura Bush. Well, because keeping things to yourself is sometimes the kindest thing you can do. No one wants someone pointing out something they did that you possibly didn’t agree with, or understand. No one wants to be constantly told they are wrong. And if you are like me, you dislike someone making excuses for being unkind. You will never give me a good enough reason to not be kind.

As much as keeping things in can be bad for you, I have realized, for me, it is what is right for me to do at this moment in my life. No one likes a mess. No one wants a “woe is me” person in their life. It is selfish to put all your problems on someone else. My life is mine, the burden is mine.
Don’t get me wrong, there will still be people I share with. People who always listen, never judge, and most importantly, hear me. That is the thing, taking the time to really understand why someone may feel the way they do. I am fully aware that some of my feelings are crazy, but those I confide in always hear me out. They never take sides, but they make me feel that I am Ok feeling how I do. I am sure they don’t always agree, but I never feel bad for feeling how I do after a marathon phone night or a BFF night. I never feel I have to justify myself, but they also never give me a hard time. They may voice their opinion, but it is never telling me I a wrong.

Going forward I am going to just remain quiet, keep it in, and do what is asked of me. This goes against advice I just received on the phone, but I think it is best. I will keep my feelings mine and take kindness above all. It may not really be what Laura Bush would do, but it is the selfless thing to do. This may not really be the wisest decision, but it is the kindest. Putting others first and being kind, now how is that not Laura Bush?
Author’s Note: Just one of the best songs ever!

Friday, August 1, 2014


“But spirit is something that no one destroys,” The Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys, Traffic

So I think last night karma came back and got me, and got me good. As a previous blog post had mentioned, a friend was mad at me for assuming something I wrote was about them. As much as it wasn’t, feelings were hurt and they are no longer talking to me. Well my feelings were hurt last night and point taken. No matter what the full story may be, when feelings get hurt it is never a good thing.
The situation was completely different, but the end result was the same. As annoyed as I was that excuses were made, I stopped to wonder how Laura Bush would handle this. I have had some issues with the friends in question before, but I always just got over it and moved on. I kept them in my life and just dealt with the lack of understanding as to why I was upset. But should I continue to do that? Would Laura Bush?

Honestly, I am not sure. On one hand, the friendships have been a part of my life for more than half of it, so can I just throw the history and memories away? On the other hand, how much is too much? When do I just walk away? When do I realize my feelings matter and no matter the excuses or apologies, to take those in to account?
I believe that Laura Bush would remain classy, but remember the way she felt it this particular situation. I will try to remain quiet when I see them. I will not make a big deal about it, I will let them continue to think what they did was Ok. They may never learn from me remaining quiet, but I have learned that sometimes it is not worth mentioning. If things will never change, there is no use in repeating myself to deaf ears.

As I continue about my day, still very hurt, I will smile and let it go. Outside of this post, what is done is done and it is in the past. No sense in talking about it anymore, no sense in listening to excuses, and no sense in letting it bother me. The only sense is to continue to ask, what would Laura Bush do?
Author’s Note: This song has been running through my head since I heard it last night. Figured I would return the favor to those who are blessed enough to know the amazing catalogue of music from Traffic.

Monday, July 28, 2014

I am mine

“Me, I figure as each breath goes by, I only own my mind,” I Am Mine, Pearl Jam

I often wonder what it says about me when it comes to editing me around certain people. I am always me, but what does it mean when I only will share certain information? I am incredibly private, that has always been true, but why do I guard my life around certain people? Does it make me dishonest or is it more a protective shield?
The world is full of people who overshare, and I do somewhat envy them. They will just put it all out there and the outcome be damned. That is not me, that has never been me. But since I value honesty, am I basically being a hypocrite by being guarded? If I did something in my past, why do I sometimes not share? Is it judgment? Or is it just because of the trust of certain people?

There are two people in this world that I share everything with. Two people that know every detail, every feeling, but I have more friends than two. So what is my issue with sharing with everyone? If asked about something, I will respond honestly, but I will maybe not tell everything. Should I work on this? Would Laura Bush?
When I stop and think about who knows what, I begin to realize that it comes down to one word — trust. I love all my friends, but I do trust others more. This is on me as some may not have done anything in my past to warrant me being uneasy with sharing. Yes, some have. Some that were once in my life, unfortunately, know me better than I would like, but none of these would I call friend. They have shared about me with others, and that I will spend my life dealing with. I do believe talking about someone reflects more on the one speaking than the one you may be speaking of. But what does it take to be more open? What would Laura Bush do?

Well I think Laura Bush would take each person one on one. If there is something stopping me from being completely open with someone, I need to think about what that may be. It might be fear, I am scared of a great deal in this world. It might be knowing the others in their world and wanting to be guarded around outside forces. But it also may simply be that I just don’t want to share something. It may be in the past and no need to be discussed. It may be that I don’t want a particular person to think I was even mentioning them. It may just be me.
There really is no rhyme or reason to me, I am random. I don’t think I am being dishonest when I stay private, I think I am just being me. This blog is helping me not bottle everything up, but this will take quite some time to overcome. Being private doesn’t mean that I care what others think of me, it means I am being me. I am awkward, I am uneasy, I am being the person I have always been.

So as I continue down the road with my friends, I will try to open up more. I will try to share more. I will try to always remain kind when even talking about something negative. I will be Laura Bush.
Author’s Note: Pearl Jam, when it comes to me, never really needs an explanation, but that won’t stop me. I write I Am Mine on many things as a daily reminder that I putting myself first. That everything I am doing, I am doing for me.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Thought provoking

“I know it’s hard to keep an open heart when even friends seem out to harm you,” November Rain, Guns N’ Roses

This weekend as I was discussing my blog with my big sister, she said something that really stayed with me. For some of the negativity I am getting for it, she said, “the thing with your blog is how thought provoking it is. It makes me wonder if I have ever done any of the things you write about.”
I didn’t necessarily set out to make people question their actions, but it is a pleasant surprise. It helps me better define my process going forward. If by helping one person think and then act as Laura Bush, I am essentially helping someone be a better person, and how could anyone not like that? You may already be a wonderful human being, but we all can still use a little Laura Bush every now and again.

As my conversation continued with my sister, it turned to small towns. One thing that I am most proud of is that I grew up in a small town. For all the stereotypes small towns bring, I am still happy that I grew up in the setting I did. I have been blessed to travel, but I still love coming home.
Anyway, she made a good point that if people from our town knew about my blog, they all would be faithful readers because they would want to know who I was speaking of. They might be disappointed that I don’t overshare, but they would still read. And you know what? That would be Ok with me.

Not because the more traffic driven to my blog just helps me (added bonus), but because they may stop and think. After the speculation and assumption is over, it might help them better live a kind life. Some people I don’t think could possibly be any kinder than they are now, but others could. A kind world makes us all better.
As I continue on this path, I plan to keep in mind that some people out there are really thinking about what I write. I hope I continue to provoke their thoughts while staying true to me by asking, what would Laura Bush do?  

Author’s Note: Aside from really wanting the wedding dress in this video, I always thought the lyrics to this song were beautiful. Nothing too complex, just raw emotion with an incredible soundtrack.

Friday, July 18, 2014

The day for this post has come

“Write your problems down in detail, take them to a higher place,” Bloody Well Right, Supertramp

So tonight as I get home from a long, exhausting day I find myself about to write the blog I feared I would have to write, but somehow knew someday I would have to write.
The thing with my blog, as of now, is that I am not promoting it. Don’t get me wrong, it is located on two sites, one being a newspaper’s website, so I am getting it out there. By promoting, I mean I am not yet showcasing it on social media, or telling the world. I want people to find it on their own, aside from some I have told from the beginning and are religious readers. I am still figuring it all out, and until my clear plan is functioning on all cylinders, I am just letting those find it one way or another without my help.

Because I am not necessarily directing people to my site, readers are finding it at different times. Not knowing how much people have read, I feel I may need to again reinforce my process and how I plan to proceed when creating entries.
It seems that recently a blog post upset an individual. This person was not the subject of any particular entry, but may have felt this way. For this I am sorry, but not for my words. A writer must stand by the words they use, for better or worse. The life of a writer is a hard one as we know the power of the written word. I personally get lost in the written word and strive to write words that make someone feel something. The goal of a writer is to affect the reader. But because I know what words can lead to, I must clarify just how I work.

I strive to be honest, first and foremost. I also will not name names and will provide as little detail as possible so no one really knows of who I may be speaking. I will never tell anyone who anything is referencing, no one needs to know.

The reason, this blog is about me and my world, it is not about anyone else. I don’t think it is right to bring someone else in when they didn’t choose to have a blog. I will sometimes use vague terms such as they or not refer to the correct sex to keep others from being recognized. I believe this is the wise thing to do. I also will check with those I am able before being discussed. I am not saying I will tell them what I am writing, but I ask permission for a person to be written about. Of course people I don’t know I don’t ask because how could I? I don’t plan to ever say anything incredibly harsh. It has pained me to have to contact a few people for permission, but I did.
But permission aside, I must stand behind my work. I took it upon myself to change some things recently to reflect more closely who I was referring, but then I talked to a writer friend who changed my mind. He reminded me that by changing anything, it changes the integrity of what I wrote. So I will be changing it back. It is already out there, I must stand by it whatever the cost.

This post may be contradictory of that, but in this case it was needed. I am taking the high road, much like I think Laura Bush would do. She is integrity, she is class, she is my inspiration.
I try to be positive every day, and even entries that are negative I try to end on a positive note. This won’t always happen, sometimes even I can’t be all sunshine and rainbows. But I still hope to never say anything too harsh. That doesn’t serve a purpose for anything, so why even start. Again, I am sure I will fail sometimes at this but we all make mistakes. I will always accept fault. Laura Bush has taught me that.

But since I am being honest, I will say that too much should not be read into all my blogs. This goal of five new entries a week I have found to be quite difficult sometimes. The words aren’t always there, nor do I expect a Laura Bush moment daily. Because of that, sometimes I must draw on friends’ experiences and make them my own. It is always my beliefs and feelings, but sometimes they provide the set up.
Also, the day reference may not always match up since I will write more than one some days and keep for those writer’s block days. I don’t always remember to change such references as last night. Anyone that has been a loyal reader knows I struggle with proofing what I write, so I will forget. I have trouble reading my own work once I finish. I am working on it. I am learning that this may make things come off differently than I intend and that I hope to prevent.  

All this said, I can’t feel bad if someone reads something and assumes it is about them. If I touch a nerve or someone feels guilty, that is on them. If you don’t ask me, don’t assume. Nine times out of 10, someone who thinks I am speaking of them is wrong. But when they are right, I will admit it. I will ask readers to first read everything, then contact me. I am not perfect, but I am honest.
In the end, this blog is personal self-discovery on a public scale. We all see things differently, and this is my view and mine alone. I will stumble, I will pick the wrong words, but I will continue to find my way and live life how I think Laura Bush would. I will keep getting knocked down, but I will keep getting up by asking, what would Laura Bush do?

Author’s Note: When I got in my car today after work, this was the song that was beginning on the radio. I sat listening to the words, processing the day. I have always been a Supertramp fan, but today was the first time that they really, truly spoke to me. Bloody well right they deserve a shout out.

Thursday, July 17, 2014


“I have climbed highest mountains, I have run through the fields,” I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For, U2

It is funny how some people can really surprise you. How just when you are about to write someone off they do or say something that shocks you. This happened to me last night. I ran into someone I hadn’t really seen in a while. It was just a random chance meeting in a store that started off a little awkward. After the customary chit chat I was certain that would be the end of the conversation.
The talk turned to me and my life, always a cautionary tale, and I filled them in on some things. Usually when I talk about my future plan, which only a few selective individuals have been privy to all the details, I either get a look of confusion or judgment. I am not saying this person is judgmental, but some people just don’t get it or understand. And that is why I am selective as to what details I share with what people.  

After I got done talking, they said “that is so awesome, I have always believed in you.” I was floored. I mean, who doesn’t want to hear that? They continued on about how it may at first be tough, but it was about time I did this and put myself first. We hugged, promised to lunch soon, and went on our way.
What does this have to do with Laura Bush you ask? Well, it is really quite simple. I didn’t write this person off, I was honest, and I didn’t quickly end the surprise encounter by rushing through the conversation. I doubt we actually will do lunch anytime soon, but I do know what they said to me was true. There was no ill will that we just grew apart, no ill will that I made numerous life changes this year, there was just support and friendship.

So next time you think about quickly ending a conversation with someone you have a chance meeting with, remember what would Laura Bush do? You may just be surprised.
Author’s Note: Does any song from U2 really need an explanation?

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


“Move along, move along like I know you do,” Move Along, The All-American Rejects

So last night I made a mistake that resulted in the perfect time to do as Laura Bush would. The mistake came in the form of a Facebook error. I apparently liked a photo that I had no intention of liking. I don’t actually remember ever seeing the photo and it wasn’t until I was looking for something on my activity log that I realized what I had done. The funny thing was, I didn’t even know I was still “friends” with this person. Clearly I was, and clearly I had liked the photo.

Thankfully it wasn’t a photo of anything offensive and one I probably would have liked had I had any desire to have contact with this person. Excuses aside, this was in the end my mistake. So what to do?
My gut reaction was to immediately unlike the photo. But hours had passed since I did like it, so that may be mean. Even if the person never noticed I liked it or un-liked it, I would know. That is even more suspicious than me liking it in the first place. I thought, “well maybe I will just wait and unlike it in the morning.” Nah, that is suspicious as well since it would mean it was still bothering me. So what did I decide to do?

I let it go. I decided on the classy move to just leave it as is. The damage has been done, so no turning back now. People can think what they want about me liking it, I don’t mind. If all people have to talk about is who likes what on Facebook, they clearly have bigger problems than my intentions behind something. And honestly, I doubt anyone even thought twice about it because who am I? No one particularly special that would warrant a detailed analysis of everything I do on Facebook.
And as for this particular person thinking one thing or another of me doing it, oh well. I don’t believe it will result in anything, things will stay as they have been for months. And if they don’t, I will simply ask, what would Laura Bush do?

Author’s Note: I figured quoting this song was perfect for today’s entry. Just like liking the photo, I don’t remember ever downloading this song, but there it is on my ipod.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Picking your words

“It’s a beautiful day and I can’t stop myself from smiling. If we’re drinking, then I’m buying,” It’s a Beautiful Day, Michael Bublé

I realized today there is a way to tell the type of person someone really is, and it is so simple I am annoyed I never came to this conclusion before. When a person decides which word between we and I to use, it can tell you a lot. Which of these words a person chooses to use in certain contexts is a choice whether they really realize they are doing it or not.
It may or may not mean a person is selfish, but it is a window into the person. Some people may never realize they are doing it, but I am sure some do. Those that do probably have always been this way, but what about those that don’t realize? Should you slowly start to pull away?

Some people crave attention so is this their way of fulfilling that craving? Should you give in and just accept it? Or should you demand recognition? What would Laura Bush do?
I think she would just let it go. Why make a big deal about not getting a we but instead an I from someone? Does it really matter? I would really hope getting recognition for something isn’t anyone’s main goal for doing something. But if it is, then maybe you should be speaking up. But if you do speak up, does that make you an (insert bad word here)?

Now I get very uncomfortable with attention, but I understand others may not necessarily need it but want credit. So to them I say, speak up. If you think you deserve just as much praise for being a part of something with someone else, then let it be known. But do it in a classy, Laura Bush way, nobody likes an (insert bad word here).
As for me, it doesn’t really bother me. I now believe that I can tell a lot about someone by which word they choose to use, but that is on them. I am not going to judge them for it, we all are different. So next time someone leaves me out and makes something solely about them I will simply ask, what would Laura Bush do?

Author’s Note: I don’t really know why, but I just really like this song from Michael Bublé. It may be the lyrics, the rhythm, or just the brass section, but whatever it is I love it!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Staying quiet

“We can try to understand The New York Times’ effect on man,” Stayin’ Alive, The Bee Gees

There are a lot of lessons that can be learned by deciding to live my life, as best I can, by asking myself what would Laura Bush do? One I have really come to understand is how staying quiet when it comes to advice giving is sometimes the best bet. Laura Bush is always polite and remains classy, and I shall do the same. Most times people don’t even listen, so why bother?
Any dangerous situations always warrant speaking up, but it is the other times I have decided to just remain quiet. I will politely nod, agree, and let it go. When people come to you for advice, yet do the opposite time and time again, it is frustrating. And it gets old, really old. Even with the best intentions when giving advice, people don’t want to hear about that. They essentially want you to validate whatever it is they say, so I have decided to do just that. If anything, it will surely end the conversation quicker.

There is a difference between venting and seeking advice. Venting is a whole different ballgame. When someone needs to vent, they don’t want your take, they want to just get it out to feel better. But when you contact someone specifically for advice, one would think they want to hear from you. For one reason or another, they trust you and want your help. And what a slap in the face it becomes when they continually don’t listen.
Not all advice is always going to be perfect. There are topics that I admit I am not the one to seek wisdom from. I am up front when it is time for those topics. I am not saying to take all advice given, I am saying to at least think about it. When someone keeps making the same mistakes, same outcomes, listen to those close to you as there is a reason they are saying what they are.

And above all, don’t overreact. If someone gives you advice that you may not particularly like, don’t get defensive. Someone needs to look out for you. If you take time to let said advice sink in before attacking, you may just realize there are good intentions behind the advice.  
The past couple of weeks I have had a couple people talk to me and in the end, my words meant nothing and things turned out how I feared they would. It happens and I don’t believe all my advice is brilliant, but my reason behind said advice was one of good. But after another round of not being listened to, and me having to pick up the pieces yet again, I had an epiphany. Now I know why Laura Bush doesn’t engage. She is the brilliant one.

I will always be there with an ear to listen, but before I speak I am going to think of Laura Bush. If the topic isn’t anything dangerous to the person or anyone else, I am just going to agree and kindly support any decision they come to. I may not agree with the decisions, but I support my friends and if it is what they want, then it is what I want as well. It may not be the right thing at all times, but it is as close to being Laura Bush as I can get and that is always right in my book.
Author’s note: Any one that doesn’t respect the music of the Bee Gees is really missing out. Sometimes all you need is a great pop tune to get your day going!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

No good

“I hope you make a lot of nice friends out there, but just remember there’s a lot of bad and beware,” Wild World, Cat Stevens

The last few days I have had the distinct privilege of seeing both the best and the worst in people. This has brought me to an unfortunate conclusion — there is just no good in some people. It is sad, but it is true.
A downfall of mine (so I am told by numerous people) is that I always try to see the good in people. No matter the person, I can find the good. It may not be much, but it is there if you look hard enough. I am a firm believer in never letting anyone bring you low enough to hate, but sometimes even I question it. Not hating someone, but finally realizing there just isn’t any good in there to see.  

One of my brothers said something to me that has always stuck, “Kitt, sometimes your faith in people outweighs your common sense.” No, he wasn’t calling me dumb, I don’t think, but he was warning me, and reminding me, of some of the hurt in my past. I do have faith in people, but I do know when enough is enough. It just might take me a little longer to get there.  
When you realize that everything someone has ever said to you was a lie and what you wanted to hear in that moment, all manipulated to get what they want, you realize there is no good. No one deserves disrespect, even those that may fall for any lie or action. But what does it say about you when you think someone isn't a good person, but everyone around sings their praises? Who is right and who is wrong? Does it matter?

I understand that history dictates a lot of these feelings, but when that doesn’t really come in to play and you are just taking someone at face value, is it wrong to think poorly of someone? I try to let people make their own judgment of others, so the feelings I have about someone are mine. Of course if you hurt someone close to me, I will harbor ill will, but again that goes back to there being history.
So next time I am sitting there listening to people speak highly of someone when all I want to do is scream everything I know about this person, I must think what would Laura Bush do? She would stay quiet, while possibly biting her tongue to ensure she remains that way. What does it matter if my opinion differs? In the grand scheme of things, this really will have no prolong effect on any of our lives. This is why they make vanilla and chocolate, everyone can decide for themselves.

It is very tough to get me to badmouth anyone, again I believe in letting people draw their own conclusions on people. As tough as this is, and how tough it will be for me not to speak up, knowing I am acting in the manner Laura Bush would act will make it so much easier. When life hands you unkind people, simply ask — what would Laura Bush do?

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July

“Mind the music and the step and with the girls be handy,” Yankee Doodle

Happy 4th of July everyone! This is a holiday that I really like since it celebrates two of my favorite things — America and birthdays! Does it get any better than those two things? Does it get any more Laura Bush? Nope!
Today is more than a day off and fireworks, it is day to wear that red, white and blue and be proud. I may not like the direction our country is going in some areas, but I still love my country. I still love being an American. I still love all things U-S-A. Well not all things, saying ‘Merica bugs the crap out of me and I find it a tad offensive. So other than showing pride by using that word, I love all the patriotism alive and kicking today.

But will you have that pride tomorrow?
I admit that I do get annoyed at the people that are only patriotic certain calendar days of the year, as if they need a reminder to be a proud American. That is great you are thanking the troops today, but how about thanking them every day? How about not needing a calendar to remind you that the country you call home is having a birthday. How about just waking up every day and saying thank you? You should try it.

When I get annoyed by those people that seem to be patriotic only when it involves a day off, I think what would Laura Bush do? She would let it go, and so do I. Who am I to say when someone can and can’t be patriotic? I am nobody, just a proud American. I am thankful that patriotism still exists in today’s world whether it is 365 days a year or just one day.

So go out there today and fly those glorious colors, rock that patriotic t-shirt, eat your barbecue, thank the troops, and just have one great birthday celebration for our country. America!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A new year

“But fools gold shines like diamonds in our eyes,” Fools Gold, Fitz & the Tantrums

Well, another birthday has come and gone for me. It explains my recent exhaustion and lack of entries. That, and just life. The funny thing about birthdays is it is the one day out of the year that you learn what you mean to people. Of course you have some sort of idea where you stand daily, but being your birthday is your day, you really learn.
As I have written before, I don’t expect people to love birthdays as much as me. But I do expect something. And thus, the focus of this blog. A couple examples and how I handled them by asking, what would Laura Bush do?

Earlier last week I started to hear from someone I hadn’t really spoken to much the last couple of months. For whatever reason, she just decided to cut me out of her life. That was her choice, and while I didn’t understand why, I accepted it and moved on. She was texting me like she once did, but I knew it was because of some tension between her and another friend. I dealt with it. I responded to her texts, what’s the point of making a big deal?
Come my birthday, she really went out of her way to wish me a happy birthday in many different forms. It was awesome. I agreed to plans with her to celebrate the day and was looking forward to it. Well fast forward, she cancelled. I understand that life gets in the way, but it was still really hurtful. And at that moment I knew once and for all where I stood with her. I knew it was time to just completely walk away. I realized that I am like Laura Bush. I won’t fret over it, I won’t get angry, I won’t make a scene or question it. I will be classy and I will walk away. I will always be polite and kind when it comes to her, but I will no longer set myself up to be disappointed. Laura Bush always remained classy in tense situations, and so will I.

Another funny thing about birthday is those you hear from, and those you don’t. I heard from people I haven’t spoken to probably since my last birthday. Partly thanks to Facebook and once someone mentions your birthday, the whole world knows. Even when you don’t list your birthday, like me, people still know. I thank all those people who took the few seconds out of their day to write happy birthday. Those wanting to wish me a happy birthday kept a smile on my face all day.
But what about the ones that either half assed contacted me or not at all. Is this a sign of where I stand? I say yes and hint taken. No excuse needed for why you forgot or waited so late, I get it. All the best. The friends that I was “close” to forgetting or just sending me one lame text, I will remember. I don’t require gifts for my birthday, not necessary, but how about a phone call? How about really being apologetic for a late mention?

So how would Laura Bush handle these people? Well the ones that didn’t even bother contacting you, she would say good riddance. She would be classy about it, but she would still take the hint. It might be hurtful, but clearly in the end, it will be best. Same with the “close” friends, I will begin my pulling back starting now. I will remain classy about it, but maybe just stop making first contact. That one might be a little harder for me, but I am going to try. I still have an amazing group of friends and endless phone dates ahead of me, I will be fine — and classy!
As I start the next year of my life, I might be down a few friends, but I have gained some new ones that are fitting in just right. I am going to go in to this year still asking what would Laura Bush do and continue to see the results. My birthday may have shown me where I stand with some people, but that isn’t a bad thing. Now I can start my year off fresh, surrounded by great people, and continue being happy. Happy and classy — it is what Laura Bush will be doing. Cheers to another year, and more blogs!

Thursday, June 26, 2014


“Every time that I look in the mirror, all these lines on my face getting clearer,” Dream On, Aerosmith

As I sit here thinking what to blog about this evening, my birthday is quickly approaching. As the hours tick by, closer my day is coming. When birthdays roll around every year, you can’t help but start reflecting on your life. My life the past year has drastically changed, but my loyal readers are already more than aware of that fact. So instead, I want to write about celebrating.
Growing up the youngest of five children, my mom did an awesome job, and still does, of making our birthdays special. She always wanted to give us one day that was just ours. We pick the menus, she gets us the gifts we want, and dad goes along with it. Sometimes when we open our gifts, it is the first time dad has seen them as well, he is a great sport. I have no doubt that my love of celebrating others’ birthdays is a direct result of my mom. I really do love birthdays, just not my own.

The older I get, the more low key celebrations become. My surprise 30th party was legendary, but what about non milestone birthdays? People grow up and have their own lives, so celebrating is no longer a priority. I have had to accept this fact. But my question is, should I? Do we ever get too old to celebrate?
I say no! No matter what I do, I will celebrate my day. My mom will throw me a wonderful family party, and those that can make it will be there. I can’t possible blow out my own candles without help from my niece and nephews. For once in my life, I will be selfish and celebrate me. Who says I have to celebrate with certain people? If someone can’t make it, or expects me to change my schedule for them, I will just go with it. No ill will, life happens. It may hurt, but life goes on. Plus, I have a surprise concert from a friend to look forward to. Ahhh, I really want to know the surprise!

I am really uncomfortable being the center of attention or being selfish, but on my birthday, I am sure going to try! I already feel uneasy about it, but if you can’t be selfish on your birthday, then when can you? I think Laura Bush would totally agree with that.
I have survived another year. I (hopefully) will wake up in the morning and greet another day by asking, what would Laura Bush do? Cheers!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The World Cup

“The cup of life, this is the one. Now is the time, don’t ever stop,” The Cup Of Life, Ricky Martin

The world cup is everywhere. You turn on anything and there is something about the matches, players, fans, etc. It really is unavoidable. And you know what? That is awesome! The pride, the patriotism, the athleticism — it is truly a beautiful thing.
That being said, there is also so much negativity from folks that it is frustrating. And that my friends, is what I will be discussing today. It may not be an example of how I am living my life like Laura Bush, but then again it might just be. No one is a bigger supporter of all things U-S-A than the Bush family. Never has there been an event where our athletes are on the world stage that the Bush family has not supported. Even when they are not in attendance, their support can be felt and known. Just another reason I love that family, especially Mrs. Bush.

A problem is, as unfortunate as it may be, soccer has never been as big in the USA as around the world. And when people don’t understand it, they judge. Those that haven’t taken the time to study and learn the game, miss just how beautiful the sport is. It is fast moving, it is non-stop, it is exciting, it is fluid, it is beautiful.
Like any event that doesn’t happen every year, such as the Olympics, there will be bandwagon jumpers. While I dislike bandwagon-ers very much, they don’t bother me as much when it comes to people uniting for one thing — their country. I was a soccer fan in high school, but that doesn’t make me think any less of someone that really is just watching because it is the World Cup. I say, welcome! I still don’t know everything there is to know about the sport, but I will watch and I will celebrate the sport. It may not be something I watch regularly like baseball, but I will gladly take the judgment from others when I do. Bring it!

The old joke is how watching soccer is like watching paint dry. I get that. Sometimes no one scores in 90 minutes and a tie is Ok. It happens, but watching the struggle in those 90 minutes can be quite entertaining. How is watching soccer more boring than a NASCAR race? A race may give you the opportunity for a wreck, but soccer gives you the opportunity for a goal.
Plus, very few sports have participants more athletic than a soccer player. The pure strength, endurance, grace and health demonstrated via soccer players makes all other sports’ athletes suffer by comparison. And easy on the eyes to boot. Thank you soccer for David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo for their perfect faces, body, hair — well you get the point. To watch soccer players is to watch some of the most well-trained and conditioned athletes out there. They may not look like weight lifters or anything, but they are rock solid and more athletic than most. To run for 90 minutes, you almost have to be pure muscle. And take it from a distance runner, enjoy those orange slices at the half since every marathoner loves to see the orange stop at a race.

The point of this is not about how hot soccer players are (that is just an added bonus my friends), it is about either supporting the sport or shutting the hell up. You don’t like soccer, that is your choice, but just stop talking about it. I don’t like basketball, but do you see me talking about it? Nope. Just because I don’t enjoy it doesn’t mean any one else cares. How selfish would I be to think my opinion on the matter will change anyone’s mind? And who knows, someday I may learn to love it given the chance. Have you given soccer a chance? Have you really studied it? Have you looked past your negative thoughts, and the ones others push on you, to watch it? If you have and you still don’t like it, I applaud you for trying. Just keep it to yourself.
So as the world prepares for their teams to take the field, I ask you to be nice. If you don’t care for the game itself, support the patriotism, athletes, and your fellow man that wait four years for this event. See the beauty in the event as a whole. Avoid the negativity from friends and the news, and focus on the beauty. Focus on seeing the love from athletes, coaches, families and fans uniting for one thing — to win that cup. I can’t wait! And maybe, just maybe, find myself a soccer player. What would Laura Bush do?