Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A new year

“But fools gold shines like diamonds in our eyes,” Fools Gold, Fitz & the Tantrums

Well, another birthday has come and gone for me. It explains my recent exhaustion and lack of entries. That, and just life. The funny thing about birthdays is it is the one day out of the year that you learn what you mean to people. Of course you have some sort of idea where you stand daily, but being your birthday is your day, you really learn.
As I have written before, I don’t expect people to love birthdays as much as me. But I do expect something. And thus, the focus of this blog. A couple examples and how I handled them by asking, what would Laura Bush do?

Earlier last week I started to hear from someone I hadn’t really spoken to much the last couple of months. For whatever reason, she just decided to cut me out of her life. That was her choice, and while I didn’t understand why, I accepted it and moved on. She was texting me like she once did, but I knew it was because of some tension between her and another friend. I dealt with it. I responded to her texts, what’s the point of making a big deal?
Come my birthday, she really went out of her way to wish me a happy birthday in many different forms. It was awesome. I agreed to plans with her to celebrate the day and was looking forward to it. Well fast forward, she cancelled. I understand that life gets in the way, but it was still really hurtful. And at that moment I knew once and for all where I stood with her. I knew it was time to just completely walk away. I realized that I am like Laura Bush. I won’t fret over it, I won’t get angry, I won’t make a scene or question it. I will be classy and I will walk away. I will always be polite and kind when it comes to her, but I will no longer set myself up to be disappointed. Laura Bush always remained classy in tense situations, and so will I.

Another funny thing about birthday is those you hear from, and those you don’t. I heard from people I haven’t spoken to probably since my last birthday. Partly thanks to Facebook and once someone mentions your birthday, the whole world knows. Even when you don’t list your birthday, like me, people still know. I thank all those people who took the few seconds out of their day to write happy birthday. Those wanting to wish me a happy birthday kept a smile on my face all day.
But what about the ones that either half assed contacted me or not at all. Is this a sign of where I stand? I say yes and hint taken. No excuse needed for why you forgot or waited so late, I get it. All the best. The friends that I was “close” to forgetting or just sending me one lame text, I will remember. I don’t require gifts for my birthday, not necessary, but how about a phone call? How about really being apologetic for a late mention?

So how would Laura Bush handle these people? Well the ones that didn’t even bother contacting you, she would say good riddance. She would be classy about it, but she would still take the hint. It might be hurtful, but clearly in the end, it will be best. Same with the “close” friends, I will begin my pulling back starting now. I will remain classy about it, but maybe just stop making first contact. That one might be a little harder for me, but I am going to try. I still have an amazing group of friends and endless phone dates ahead of me, I will be fine — and classy!
As I start the next year of my life, I might be down a few friends, but I have gained some new ones that are fitting in just right. I am going to go in to this year still asking what would Laura Bush do and continue to see the results. My birthday may have shown me where I stand with some people, but that isn’t a bad thing. Now I can start my year off fresh, surrounded by great people, and continue being happy. Happy and classy — it is what Laura Bush will be doing. Cheers to another year, and more blogs!

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