Tuesday, October 7, 2014

We all judge

“But I keep cruising. Can’t stop, won’t stop grooving,” Shake It Off, Taylor Swift

Everyone is judgmental, everyone! Of course there are different levels of judgment, but no one can truthfully say they have lived a life never judging others.
A favorite saying of mine is, don’t judge others because they sin differently. I still believe that with all my heart, but I am not perfect, I have judged. It makes me human.

But the thing I don’t get about judgment is how the biggest judgers think they aren’t. When you complain about someone judging you, they are the first to show outrage. Seriously? You totally just judged me in the way you asked that question.  So what would Laura Bush do?
I think Laura Bush would just let it go. What’s the point of getting defensive when someone judges you, especially someone that doesn’t even know you? That is much easier said than done. I have mastered the art of just accepting judgment. I do make it easy for others. “OH MY GOD, you aren’t trying to find a husband?” “Your life is incomplete without children.” “You are a waitress?” Oh yes, I sure make it easy.

I don’t always succeed, but it is really hard to get me to engage. I could easily answer back with something like “well, I am in graduate school,” but I don’t. Their mind has been made up. Let them think what they want, they are leaving someone else alone. Laura Bush would walk away, and so will I.
But what I think is the hardest is enduring judgment from those close to you, those that claim they don’t judge you. Those that justify their judgment as “looking out for you.” True, some questions are asked out of just interest and kindness, but those aren’t the questions I am referring to here. How would Laura Bush handle one more question about her love life if she was me? One more question about finding a “real” job. One more question about getting a new car.  Just one more judgment-laced question?

Well first, because it is Laura Bush, class is most important. One classy thing is I don’t particularly like talking about myself. Those close to me know I don’t share much. I can be dating someone for months, and they have no idea. This opens up a whole assuming the worse about me, but that is a topic for another day. Because I prefer to not share much, that ensures class. I won’t say anything out of line or spill information about others. People can continue to think how they want, that is their right.
Being Laura Bush I will just have to remind myself, no one is perfect. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Who am I to say they are wrong. Maybe I am all these things. Maybe their judgment is just. The key is to walk away and remain kind.

Today’s post is all over the place, but so is judgment. There is no rhythm or reason to it, much like me. But as I prepare for my day and face judgment, I will remember to ask, what would Laura Bush do?
Author’s Note: Damn this song is catchy. Since I have mentioned Miss Swift a few times in previous posts, figured it was only time to reference her music. Unfortunately, this is really the only song I know. It is still perfect for this entry.

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