Thursday, June 26, 2014


“Every time that I look in the mirror, all these lines on my face getting clearer,” Dream On, Aerosmith

As I sit here thinking what to blog about this evening, my birthday is quickly approaching. As the hours tick by, closer my day is coming. When birthdays roll around every year, you can’t help but start reflecting on your life. My life the past year has drastically changed, but my loyal readers are already more than aware of that fact. So instead, I want to write about celebrating.
Growing up the youngest of five children, my mom did an awesome job, and still does, of making our birthdays special. She always wanted to give us one day that was just ours. We pick the menus, she gets us the gifts we want, and dad goes along with it. Sometimes when we open our gifts, it is the first time dad has seen them as well, he is a great sport. I have no doubt that my love of celebrating others’ birthdays is a direct result of my mom. I really do love birthdays, just not my own.

The older I get, the more low key celebrations become. My surprise 30th party was legendary, but what about non milestone birthdays? People grow up and have their own lives, so celebrating is no longer a priority. I have had to accept this fact. But my question is, should I? Do we ever get too old to celebrate?
I say no! No matter what I do, I will celebrate my day. My mom will throw me a wonderful family party, and those that can make it will be there. I can’t possible blow out my own candles without help from my niece and nephews. For once in my life, I will be selfish and celebrate me. Who says I have to celebrate with certain people? If someone can’t make it, or expects me to change my schedule for them, I will just go with it. No ill will, life happens. It may hurt, but life goes on. Plus, I have a surprise concert from a friend to look forward to. Ahhh, I really want to know the surprise!

I am really uncomfortable being the center of attention or being selfish, but on my birthday, I am sure going to try! I already feel uneasy about it, but if you can’t be selfish on your birthday, then when can you? I think Laura Bush would totally agree with that.
I have survived another year. I (hopefully) will wake up in the morning and greet another day by asking, what would Laura Bush do? Cheers!

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