Wednesday, August 6, 2014


“Your best friend always sticking up for you even when I know you’re wrong,” Drops of Jupiter, Train

Choices I have made have been questioned lately by others, and by me. I have been judged, I have been supported, and I have been lost. The thing is, I don’t regret a single choice I have made. Those choices have gotten me where I am today, for better or for worse. To others where I am may not seem ideal, but good thing I am not them. I don’t believe any of my choices were wrong. In the moment when you make a choice, you believe it is right. It may not end well, but you had a reason to make it.
I don’t really believe in regrets either. Life sucks some times, but nothing is perfect. Do I wish some things turned out differently? Of course, but I don’t dwell on it. My decisions weren’t for anyone to agree with, they were for me. I don’t need agreement, I need respect.

Any readers of this blog know that I am not good with confrontation. I avoid it at all costs, and because of that it is easy to be blamed. I don’t feel I need to justify any of my actions. If I did, then why would I do it? Why do something you have to explain later? It is easy for everyone to gang up on me because I won’t fight back. I won’t justify myself. Partly because I avoid confrontation, partly because I don’t feel I need to. If someone isn’t going to get my side of a story, that is on them. It sucks, but I can’t change it.
So how would Laura Bush handle herself when her actions are called into question? I think she would handle it like I have been. I listen to the advice of others, accept they think I am wrong, and then simply move on. My actions are not for anyone else but me. In the end, you only have to be Ok with yourself and not take everything so personally. I may struggle with not taking everything so personally, but I never struggle with not being kind. People will sometimes always believe the negative and hear what they want, but that doesn’t mean I have to listen.

As I take a hard look at why people may believe my choices were wrong, I will remember that everyone has a right to their opinion. I don’t have to agree or really mind that others feel one way. I accept everyone’s opinion. But one thing I don’t have to accept is ever living my life by not asking, what would Laura Bush do?
Author’s Note: I am not a fan of Train, but this song was on when I was waiting in line at the store thinking about my next blog. Figured, why not use it today.

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