Wednesday, May 28, 2014


“Been working so hard, I’m punching my card,” Footloose, Kenny Loggins

Thanks to the amazing support of a very good friend, and her forever belief in me, my blog will now be appearing two places — the original website and a local newspaper’s website. This is scary, but so exciting. It will mean more pressure to deliver blogs that folks want to read, a good problem to have. So with this latest development, today’s blog entry is going to be another introduction of sorts. The new readers that will click on this thanks to the promotion of the Cape Gazette need to know what they are getting themselves into. They need to get up to speed so they can better understand the randomness of me and my blog. To my faithful readers some of this may sound familiar, but who can’t use a refresher? Here are some things to know about this blog moving on.
No. 1: Why Laura Bush? The easy answer is because I love her. Yep, that’s right, I do. This is not about politics (although I am sure that topic will come up), it is about her character and how I try every day to carry myself in the manner that she demonstrates. When life presents me with a situation I stop and ask, what would Laura Bush do? To me she is the true definition of class and grace. I have always believed that there is never a reason to be unkind. Laura Bush has always shown me this same belief. No matter the situation, she is classy, she is kind. This blog will present examples and stories and how I handled it channeling Mrs. Bush. I fail sometimes, but I try.

No. 2: Now that I am reaching a wider audience I will try to break my habit of never proofreading my writing. This will be tough since I never reread anything so bear with me as I work on this. My writing can be chaotic, it is something that makes me me. Don’t worry, you will learn to “get” me.
No. 3: I will start almost every blog with a song lyric. Sometimes the lyric fits that day’s blog, sometimes it is just a song I like or happen to be listening to at the moment I hit publish. Music is my oxygen, it runs through my veins and keeps me going. I believe in music above all. For every situation in my life, there is a song that matches it perfectly. Music will be a major topic running throughout this blog. I love music!

No. 4: This blog started over a month ago as an exercise in finding myself. A lot of life changes happened to me this year and my life is somewhat of a mess at the moment. Writing it down and sharing it with the world is my way of getting through it. If while writing this I can help just one person pick themselves up after being knocked down, then I will have succeed. I have had a very bad run of it as of late, but I hope to show the world that you can always get back up after being knocked down. It will be a struggle, but it will happen.
No. 5: This blog is how I see things. I will never be unkind, but I will be honest. I will not be using it as a way to air any dirty laundry. I will of course have to give details to explain certain topics, but I will only share what is necessary to make my point. People that have hurt me in the past my not have respected me, but I will respect them when writing. No real names will ever be used, but if anyone takes offense to anything written, that is on them. If you wanted me to write warmly about you, then you should have treated me better.

No. 6: I welcome all suggestions! My goal has been to update my blog Monday-Friday at the least. Some weekends I will be quiet, but my main goal is a new entry every weekday. Unfortunately I will not have a set schedule, so the update will not appear at the same time every day. That just means you will have to keep checking back.
Buckle up and enjoy the blog ride you have either already been on or are about to begin. I promise, I will make it fun. After all, isn’t that what Laura Bush would do?


  1. Congratulations!

  2. This is so awesome! Maybe you can get some "guest writers" to submit some material ;)