Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Top Gun Day!

“You’ll never know what you can do, until you get it up as high as you can go,” Danger Zone, Kenny Loggins

Happy Top Gun Day! Nope, this is not something I made up. Oh it may be made up, but it wasn’t by me and I will definitely celebrate it. I absolutely love the film Top Gun. It isn’t some cinema masterpiece, but it’s a good time. It has cheesy parts, the volleyball scene is totally homoerotic (and HOT), and easily lends itself to be ridiculed. But who cares? The soundtrack is one of the best, the patriotism, the love story, the tears — it has it all.
I have no idea whether or not Laura Bush likes this film, she should, but I am sure she can appreciate someone’s love of it. I don’t always get that appreciation. I set myself up to be teased about it since I don’t hide the fact that I love this movie, but screw those people. I am not going to change my mind no matter how much sarcasm, teasing and judgment you send my way. Top Gun is just one of the examples in my life that demonstrates that when I love something, I really love it!

Next time I have to deal with a comment about my love of this film, I will just ask what would Laura Bush do and be the bigger the person. After all, that is what Maverick would want me to do. So put on the aviators and enjoy the day.
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