Thursday, May 8, 2014

Movie Fun

Today I have writer’s block and it is severe! When I try to think of something to blog about, the only thing I can come up with is an image of tumbleweeds in my brain. I am still going to give my loyal readers something to read though, a list of sorts. Below is a list of movies that I will most likely reference at one point or another on this blog. Not all are my favorites or classic cinema, but all I quote or reference often. The list is not complete since I am a film nerd, but these are just some to get you started. So grab that popcorn and give these films a viewing.

Top Gun
Uncle Buck
Steel Magnolias

Girls Just Want to Have Fun
The Breakfast Club
Weird Science

Let It Ride



Blazing Saddles

History of the World Part I


The Princess Bride

Monster Squad

And pretty much anything Kiefer is in. Happy Viewing!

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