Thursday, May 15, 2014


“I’m alright, nobody worry ‘bout me,” I’m Alright, Kenny Loggins

One word that has been used to describe me many times is random. Of all the things I have been called in my life, this one I actually agree with. I am so very random in my likes, dislikes, personality, in everything! And today’s blog will be no different. It will be all over the place.
One thing I really love in this world is sending cards, especially out of the blue. I love sending cards for pretty much any holiday or event, but I really love when I receive one. Yesterday in my mail was just such a card. It isn’t my birthday, no holiday this week, but it was a card that had perfect timing. Not being Hallmark aside, it was perfect. The actual card was perfect but what was even better was what was written in the inside by the sender — I believe in you. Those four words were just what I needed to read yesterday. Plus, I have always thought that this particular friend has the most beautiful handwriting. My penmanship on the other hand, well…  

I have had two people in 24 hours ask me if I was Ok based on previous blog posts. For the record, yes, yes I am. My apologies for any worry I caused. Of course I may not be all sunshine and lollipops, but that doesn’t mean I am not Ok. Some blogs will have a down on me tone, bad days happen, but not all will. I do however appreciate the concern and knowing people are reading my blog. Thanks!  
Last night I presented a question to a great friend that stumped us both. The question was — When was the last time I did something for myself? The last time something I did wasn’t tied to another person. Neither one of us could come up with an answer. That doesn’t mean for a second that I regret anything I have done. Every party, every wedding, every race, every present, every card, whatever, I want to do it. Doing these things does make me happy, but they aren’t for me. In the end, it is for someone else. I like being the person that does things for others and is always there, but it is also time for me to do something just for me. It is now my time.

The last week I have been working on something just for me (a post for a later time) and it feels good. I still have down on me moments, but they will pass. I am finally thinking about me. Doing this feels good. No wonder so many people think of themselves first. Of course it will be hard for me not to put others first, but at least I am trying, right?
So as I start to put some organization and plan in to fixing my life, I will keep thinking about Laura Bush. I will use her as my example of how to live my life and most importantly, how I treat people. I will fail sometimes, but I will just pick myself up and ask, what would Laura Bush do?

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