Monday, May 5, 2014

He’s back

There are just some times in my life that I can no longer act like Laura Bush. Times when drastic measures are called for. And when these times present themselves, the question becomes — What Would Kiefer do? That’s right, when I have either been pushed to my niceness limit, or just need to let go, I look to Kiefer. That dude knows how to party!

And what just so happens tonight? That’s right, 24 is back! Kiefer steps back into the role and kicks ass. London gets Jacked! I am crazy obsessed with this show and its star. I really don’t hide that fact. Many people in my life, they just don’t understand how a television show can mean so much to me, but oh well. This show is thrill ride and for an hour out of my week, I just have to think about what is happening in Jack Bauer’s world. No matter what is going on, I know that I have this to look forward to.
Of course for the past four years I had to find a replacement after 24 ended, Justified was excellent at this, but knowing tonight it is back on television makes me incredibly happy. Also, all the texts, Facebook posts, and tweets to me about the show make me smile. Told you my obsession is well known.

I have no idea if Laura Bush enjoys this show, or has ever seen an episode, but I am sure there is something out there she loves just as much. It is great to have something, no matter how small, to love and excite you. What would Laura Bush do?

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