Saturday, May 3, 2014

Perfect Timing

“I don’t need to fight to prove I’m right,” Baba O’Riley, The Who

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, today I will tell you about an example of how I was faced with a what would Laura Bush do scenario.
I was out and about running errands and ran in to someone I did not want to see. I mean someone that just the idea of seeing makes me roll my eyes. I was in the lotion aisle of the local drug store and I happen to look up and see this person. Now my gut was telling me to just duck down and hide, a move I have been known to do in just this situation. I was in sweats and not really in the mood to see anyone I know, let alone this person. I stood there motionless trying to figure out what to do, our eyes meet. Damn, I have been spotted. What would Laura Bush do was running through my head. Well she wouldn’t be rude that I am sure of. I have been spotted, nowhere to hide now. This person walks toward me. Great, here we go.

I took a deep breath and headed toward them. I am pretty sure the awkwardness was felt even by strangers. We exchanged pleasantries even though I am pretty certain we neither one cared. But how long can this last? How long do I have to talk? I suck at lying; damn I need an excuse to leave. The conversation continues. Oh my goodness, this won’t end! On and on we go, seriously say goodbye.
Just then like a sign from above, my phone rings. I don’t care who this is, I am taking this call. A smart ass comment is made about my ringtone, hence the music quote today, as I search for my phone (yep, talking to you was a mistake). I quickly say, “Nice seeing you, but I must take this call” and am gone.

Now I don’t recognize the number, not unusual as I lost a lot of contacts not too long ago, but I pick up and say “hello.” What I hear next was awesome, “hey, that conversation looked awkward, figured you could use an escape.” Shocked, I turn around and there standing is a good friend of mine smiling. I just laughed. Wow, some people really are at the right place at the right time.
Now I could have easily just run away from this person, but no, Laura Bush would be classy. She would speak. As much as it pained me to be polite to this person, I feel like Laura would be proud of me. I was the bigger person. Taking a phone call during a conversation may not have been polite, but I think even Laura Bush has her limits and welcomes an escape sometimes. Especially a well-timed, perfect escape. What would Laura Bush do?

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