Thursday, May 1, 2014

Thursday nights

I love Thursday nights. Thursday nights for the past couple of years are Best Friends Night. Everyone in both my life and my best friend’s life know that Thursday nights we are together. Her kids even know that I am coming over and having pizza and tell anyone who will listen. Seriously, their teachers know what happens on Thursday.  Life sometimes throws curveballs that mean no Thursday night date, but even then, I love Thursdays.

How our Thursday nights started is pretty simple, football. The NFL network is not offered as part of my cable service (ugh), and I need to watch football. Now while my Browns rarely ever have a night game, I still need football. My BFF suggested coming over and watching with her husband — and so it began. After the football season was over, we still stuck with our Thursday nights. And then I discovered Project Runway.
I had never watched the show before and somehow stumbled on a re-airing of one season’s premiere, and I was hooked! I texted my BFF about my television show discovery and not only did she watch it, but it was on Thursday nights. It was perfect! We have been Project Runway obsessed ever since. It is to the point that when the designer I loved won the season, we cheered like we actually knew him. We also cheer when the people we don’t care for are eliminated like this has any effect on our life whatsoever. It is an escape.

At this point in my life, I would be lost without my best friend. I would be lost without the daily texts. I would be lost without her support. I would be lost without her kindness. I would be lost without her family. I would be lost without her friendship. She makes me want to see myself the way she sees me, and her kids see me. No matter how bad it gets for me, I know she will never let me drown. Her husband is very aware of the fact that when he married her, he got me as well. He lets us be best friends.
I am honored to have two best friends, three including my sister, but only one lives near me. Our friendship still confuses others since in high school we were nothing alike. We hung in different circles and she is younger than me. Outside of National Honor Society, we were not a part of the same clubs or classes. She was way smarter than me. Funny how people still compare you to who you were in high school. The joys of small towns.

Anyway, we became friends in college, later roommates, and we are still together. Some people you just click with, and she was mine. In college we were totally different, but it worked. As much as I disliked her forcing me to watch hours and hours of Buffy, I endured since it made her happy. Plus, she was forced to listen to the music I like that she may have thought sucked. She was wise enough to not tell me such — told you she was smart.
After school we took completely different paths. She married the love of her life and now has great children. Well we all know from this blog experiment that was not me. And you know what? It didn’t change anything. Of course she has other responsibilities and isn’t always available, but she never makes me feel like that. She knows when I need her and she is there, usually with sweet tarts. Never has being a wife and mother been an excuse for us to grow apart. In fact, she gets angry for me when others use that as an excuse to me. Our lives are so different but we have Thursday nights. Every week we both have something to look forward to. During those hard weeks, we can just count down the days until Thursdays.

Laura Bush seems to still have the same group of friends she had when she was younger. She has gained new ones, but those first friends are still in her life. I look to Laura Bush when it comes to my “core” friends. I hope they are always there. Her husband became President of the United States and she still maintained her friendships. They may have not seen each other as much as they liked, but the friendship was still there, still strong. What would Laura Bush do?

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