Friday, June 13, 2014

Restoring my faith

“But something’s bugging you, something ain’t right,” Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go, Wham!

Last night I was starting to have my doubts in humanity and the caliber of character people have. It was really disheartening and annoying.
My story starts at the movies. My best friend and I were like two giddy girls super excited to finally be seeing “The Fault in Our Stars.” Young adult book or not, this book touched us both and our sheer joy at seeing the words we fell in love with on the big screen, even knowing we were going to cry, was just too much for us to handle. I am sure her husband was getting annoyed at our constant talking about it and was quite happy we were going to see it (thanks for being super dad so my BFF could get away). We get to the movies and get all our goodies — movie without popcorn, never! As we go to hand the ticket lady our tickets, she rudely says “the line is over there.” Wow, at least be a little nice. We laughed about her poor attitude, but got over it since after all, the movie we had been waiting months to see was to begin soon.

Once in the theater with start time approaching (yay!), I go for a quick bathroom run. It is wise that I always go right before the movie as I swear my bladder is like pea-size. As I am walking back to the theater I am behind two teenage couples. The completely inappropriate attire aside (do they have parents?), I couldn’t help overhearing the conversation. One of the young ladies when asked if she was going to cry said, “No, boys don’t like girls that cry.” I was floored! Seriously? Is this how girls now think? She continued to go on about how girls’ crying is “ugly.” I was speechless.
I go back in the theater and immediately tell my BFF that if her little girl ever grows up and dresses like that or talks like that, I may slap her. Thankfully my BFF said, “If that happens, slap me as I didn’t do my job raising her.” I don’t know why this bothered me so much, but it did. I understand that girls can be overly emotional, but that in no way makes them ugly, or should stop them from crying around a guy. If that bothers a guy, maybe find a new guy. I fear for the human race if everyone is scared to cry. Sometimes you just need to cry. And if this movie doesn’t make you even a little teary, you are a robot and will probably be fine in life seeing as you are a robot not designed to have any emotions.

Now I know I am not the most open with my feelings, but never would I judge someone for expressing them. We all express them in different ways, and all ways are beautiful.
This morning I was still annoyed at dealing with those teenage girls the night before, but a quick stop to grab a soda restored my faith in humanity. I was waiting in line at the local convenience store and the gentleman in the next aisle over realized he didn’t have enough money to pay for what he had. He said “oh, I don’t have as much as I thought.” You could see the embarrassment in his face and it was heartbreaking. Before I could act, the teenage boy behind him handed him the money he needed. I was shocked. Not shocked because someone did this, but shocked at this kid’s age. I would have gladly paid as well, but this young gentleman stepping up without question was incredibly sweet. He restored my faith in people, especially teenagers.

I admit it, I totally judged a group of individuals based on the actions of a select few. That was not very Laura Bush of me. I must remember that there is bad in this world, and bad people, but there is also so much good. So before I get annoyed with someone for having a poor attitude, I will remember all the selfless acts people are preforming right this minute. The actions of others will not change my view on people or the world, and kindness in me will always prevail. Always choosing kindness is one of the many things Laura Bush has taught me.

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