Thursday, June 5, 2014

Getting lost in the written word

Laura Bush’s love of books is a well-documented fact. Her years as a librarian and the work she continues to do to get people, especially children, reading is truly amazing. Her passion and love of reading is inspirational. I also love to read. I love the feeling of getting lost in a book and escaping in to a world unlike my own. I don’t read nearly as much as I would like, but I still find myself enjoying what time I do spend reading.

Those closest to me know that for the most part my genre of choice is nonfiction, mostly rock musician’s autobiographies or historical accounts. But every now and again, a fiction book is introduced to me and it changes my life. It rocks me to the core and I can’t put it down. I am always pleasantly surprised when this happens. And one such book that did this for me was, “The Fault in Our Stars.” A book that hits the big screen tomorrow.
Now I know what some of you are thinking, “That’s a YA book.” True, the intended audience may have been young adults, but damn if my best friend and I are not completely obsessed with this book. And since it just so happens to be Thursday, our best friend night, why not write about it? Why not let anyone out there that hasn’t experienced this book learn about it? Now I won’t lie, the book will make you an emotional wreck, but it is worth it. To get lost in the brilliant way John Green writes is truly something I loved being a part of and that feeling has stayed with me. That feeling is something I aspire to give a reader sometime in my life with my writing.

As not to give away too much of the story, there is a part in the story that caused me to actually throw the book across the room I was so upset. That may not sound pleasant, but to have the power to evoke that much emotion from just words is amazing. What writer wouldn’t want that reaction?
The book is a love story. The two teenagers may be battling cancer, but that story is just secondary to the love story. You feel you know these two, you see yourself in these two, you hope for these two. I can’t really say much more since I don’t want to spoil it for anyone — just read the book. I promise it will move you. You may not love it as much as others, but there is no denying it won’t stick with you.

So next time you find yourself with some free time or need to escape, grab a book. Read the words on the pages, run your fingers across the cover, breathe in the smell, and get ready to enjoy the ride. When it comes to reading, you know it is what Laura Bush will be doing.

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