Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Always being right

“The more things you get, the more you want. Just trade in one for the other,” Right Now, Van Halen

I often wonder how much it must suck to already know everything, to go through each day never learning anything new. To never be accepting of others or their thoughts and ideas. That is not a way I want to go through life. How about you?
Now as Laura Bush, how do you tolerate just such people? The obvious way is to just avoid them. Being told what to think and do constantly gets old, so if you can, just omit the person from your world. But what about when it isn’t that easy? No two people are ever going to agree with each other or everything, a fact you must learn to accept early on. But you can accept others and their thoughts without agreeing with them. This I think people tend to forget.  

Laura Bush has been an example of how to remain classy when faced with someone who thinks they are always right. The obvious example is in politics. Her husband was never agreed with and they were constantly being told just how wrong the Bush policies were. I must say, how both her and husband would handle these people was one of the reason I decided to always follow her character example. No matter what, she would remain classy when hearing everything that was wrong. She would defend herself and her husband, but was always classy. She never flew off the handle, belittled anyone or pointed out how she was right and they were wrong.
This isn’t a blog about politics, I don’t want to debate politics, it is about how she handled herself against all the negativity. How she always held her head up high, remained strong, and was the true definition of grace and beauty. Her husband is still being blamed even today, but when you see her you would never know. I am sure sometimes she wants to just scream, but she doesn’t, at least not in public. I admire that.

So next time I am faced with one of these people, I am going to remember that if Laura Bush could remain classy in the public eye, I surely can remain classy around anyone in my life. I will smile, remain calm and think to myself, what would Laura Bush do?

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