Thursday, April 24, 2014

The power of money

“Listen up everybody if you wanna take a chance. Just get on the floor and do the New Kids dance,” Hanging Tough, New Kids on the Block

Apparently it is New Kids on the Block Day, so what better group to quote a lyric from today. Sometimes you just need some great boy band music to start your day.  
This morning I received a call from a friend. I hadn’t really talked to him in a while but I smiled when I saw his number pop up on my phone. As soon as I picked it up and heard his voice, I knew something was off about him. Come to find out, a girl just ended things with him. Now this wasn’t a relationship of any great length, but it was still an end. What shocked me about this conversation was not that the relationship ended (as shocking as that is since he is wonderful), but the reason she ended it — he didn’t make enough money for her.

He is a lot like me in the fact that we didn’t pick professions that resulted in big paychecks, we both picked careers in college that made us happy and had huge payouts in forms other than monetary. I understand how he feels better than most since in the really recent past, a guy did this to me. He didn’t respect, still doesn’t actually, my chosen career path since it notoriously is low paying. I was Ok with it since I knew going into the newspaper business wasn’t for money, it was for love. Before declaring my major in college, I always thought that girls going after guys with money was lazy, but it still hurts. I know the pain he is feeling today.
It did get me thinking, is this what we now base future partners on? Is it going to become standard procedure to bring a bank statement on first dates? Will the love you have for a certain career matter at all? You devote your life to a nonprofit and making dreams come true but you don’t get happily ever after with a love because you aren’t wealthy. It is quite sickening to me. If that is the case, single life forever for me.

I totally understand the need for security, especially if children are involved, but how much emphasis on money is enough? Will having the fanciest toys really matter if you are not happy? Of course I like nice things, hello I collect Barbies, but I also seek happiness. I seek love. If money is the end goal in every decision you make, then I feel really bad for you. You are missing out on the great things that money can’t buy. And like I told my friend, someone that only wants the things money can buy really isn’t someone you want to be around any way. Yes we all have these people in our life, but we control just how much they are in our world.
Talking about money in relation to Laura Bush can be laughable since she has more money than she ever could spend. But she didn’t always. She didn’t grow up wealthy nor did she grow up poor. Her family worked hard for everything they had and seemed to always be happy. Even when she married the future President of the United States, they weren’t instantly rolling in it. Oil business is tough and so is the political trail. But no matter how much money she has, she is still kind to everyone. I can’t fathom her ever turning her back on someone because they were poor in society’s eyes. It is easy for me to say this since I am not wealthy, but if I wake up tomorrow with all the money in the world, I would like to think I would still have the class she demonstrates on a daily basis.

Judge the person, not the wallet. What would Laura Bush do?

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