Monday, April 14, 2014

And so it begins…

It is said that if you do good things, good things will happen for you. This may be the case for many, but it is not the case for me lately. For every step forward I take, life pushes me back three steps. In almost every aspect of my life, I just can’t seem to catch a break. I believe that one should always be kind no matter the circumstances, but trust me when I say that that belief has been tested in me all of my life. Life can’t always be a bed of roses and sunshine, but it also needs to give you hope. Hope is not on my side as I write this, but as you read more, you will see what I plan to do about it. When I get to be that “woe is me” person, I ask you to call me out. I need to hear it, no one wants to be that person. Well, some people I know do, but not this girl.

Today I started the first day of the rest of my life directionless topped off with receiving a text message about yet another thing I have disappointed someone in. After letting the pain and hurt sink in, I asked myself the one question I always ask when things are tough…What Would Laura Bush Do?
Laura Bush inspires me in all that I do. When I get knocked down, I look to her to show me what grace, kindness and integrity is all about. Laura Bush is the epitome of class and no matter what, I strive to achieve such class. I may not always reach it, but damn if I don’t try.

Someone who means the world to me suggested a blog, so here it is. She above anyone else knows that luck has not been on my side. That being said, she knows that if I can reach one person struggling in this world like me, and show them that you can always get back up, that is all I need. My life may come with disaster tape around it, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t turn it around as an example to a reader questioning how many times they can be knocked down before they stay down.

Being an extremely private person, this blog is going to be hard, but in the end, worth it. I will open up about the shit storm surrounding me sometimes and show how by channeling Laura Bush, I handle it with class. Opening up to the world means that I will have to discuss people around me, but I don’t believe in being hurtful. I believe in being truthful. If feelings get hurt, I ask that first you ask if what I said was untruthful. If it wasn’t, then it is on you. No real names will be given and no personal details shared that are not essential to get my point across.
This blog will also not be all negative, I have good in my life and love sharing it, but even the good times call for Laura Bush.

I fail, you will fail, but I learn from everything. And so begins my entrance into the world of blogs. What Would Laura Bush Do?

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