Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Change someone's day

Everyone has a horror story when it comes to visiting any sort of governmental or state agency. It may not have happened to you personally, but you know it. Whether it be the DMV, Social Security, Department of Labor, whatever, the stories are there. The stories keep people from going to the places and when there is no option, they complain. Well yesterday I had to visit one such agency. I was not looking forward to it AT ALL.

Well when I get there, drenched from the rain (annoyed my sunglasses were wet and I forgot my cloth), I signed in, took my number, and prepared to be there for the long haul. After getting yelled at for being on my phone, which I still stand by the fact the sign said phones must be on vibrate, not that I could not be on it, I just looked around, watched people, and prayed it be over soon. There was one employee that I was dreading calling my number, she seemed tough. Well my number was called and so it begins.

I handed over my paper work and prepared to be annoyed or worse, to cry from frustration. Much to my surprise, the woman was awesome! Oh my goodness was she great. We laughed, we chatted, and I was at ease. She changed my whole attitude with her kindness.

Well what would Laura Bush do? Well she would tell this woman how great she is. And that is just what I did.  After everything was over, I turned to her and told her exactly how great she was. The look on her face when I said it is a look I will always remember. She formed the biggest smile and the appreciation shined through her. I have the feeling that most people go in there skeptical, guilty as charged, and never change their tune. All the kindness in the world can’t change some people.
I am not saying I would not have thanked her regardless of Laura Bush, but I know Laura Bush would have expressed her gratitude. In everything Laura Bush seemed to be a part of, she was gracious. She has everything a person could need and want, and she is still gracious. In her life married to a politician, she had events and places she attended that I am sure she dreaded, but never did it show. She treats every event and person the same. From a Prime Minister to a Veteran, from a state dinner to a barbecue, same class and respect.

There is truth to the whole quote of being nice since everyone is fighting a harder battle. Like I always say, there are better people worse off. Or my other saying, just be nice since no one likes an asshole. My thanking her may not have changed the outcome of the process I was there for, but it sure changed her day for the better.

So when that friend annoys you, that car cuts you off, the store doesn’t have what you need, etc., stop, take a breath and ask What Would Laura Bush Do? The outcome may just surprise you.  


  1. I think it's great that you made the most out of the situation. Clearly this woman did too - could you imagine working on an office where the public treats you as an entity rather than an individual? I'm sure you made her day!

  2. She probably went home that night and told her family about you and how you made her smile. Thankless jobs are hard on the soul and a simple "Thank you" makes it bearable.