Friday, April 18, 2014

Taylor Swift’s influence

I am not a fan of Taylor Swift’s music, or any pop music masquerading as country, but I get her. If people wanted her to write nicer about them, then they should have treated her better. This blog is not a debate about Taylor Swift or her relationships, I am sure she isn’t perfect either, but about her honesty. For such a young artist, she has learned early what many still struggle with — telling the truth.

As I push forward with this blog I must decide just how much I will spill to the world. Will I be like Taylor Swift and just tell everyone everything or be more reserved? Of course deeply private events in my life and the lives around me will be off limits, but this blog is about me. I have trouble not holding it all in. I have trouble saying how I feel or what I want. My fear of rejection is strong and gets in the way often. So what would Laura Bush do?

I think Laura Bush would be honest. No names, but honest. If this blog was created to help me find my way in this crazy world, then yes I will have to put it all out there. Judgment be gone, this is me.
If you are worried about future entries, then that is on you. You should treat people better. Never will I say anything untrue, but it will be from my perspective. I may see something differently but that is why they make chocolate and vanilla. And not being a mean spirited person, never will my blog just be one big venting session laying all your business out there. That serves no purpose and gets me nowhere. Nobody likes a bitter, jaded person. However, if a situation presents itself that demonstrates how I took the Laura Bush route, then it is fair game.

So as I stop and think about upcoming topics, I will ask “what would Laura Bush do” and whether I should really write about one thing or another. I will make mistakes, but I will continue in my quest to open up more. What would Laura Bush do?


  1. I can respect a musician who writes their own music. Her words speak to someone out there and others get the same escape from life with her tunes as you get from Pearl Jam. Beiber on the other hand......

  2. person I don't believe I will ever quote on this blog.