Friday, April 25, 2014

A big sister

“Many dreams come true and some have silver linings. I live for my dream and a pocketful of gold,” Over the Hills and Far Away, Led Zeppelin

There are few things in this world better than a sister, especially a big sister. Of course if you have a strained relationship with a sibling, then you are totally going to disagree. Again, that’s why they make chocolate and vanilla. I love my sister. And boy does she love getting the Led out!
On the outside, my sister and I are polar opposites. Aside from looking like each other, when you look at surface things we are totally different. She is kicking ass daily in the military, married and happy. Me on the other hand — lost, living the starving artist dream and basically a mess. She is the daughter the parents can brag about. Me, well not so much lately. That isn’t to say that my parents don’t love me, but they see me differently. No clear direction at the moment and nowhere close to making them happy by watching me walk down the aisle in a beautiful white gown (well maybe pink).

Our surface differences are clear, but damn if my sister isn’t my biggest fan. No matter what trivial thing I call her about, she is excited. Whatever crazy idea I have to get through, she supports. I have a race, she is singing my praises. I get published, she is proud. Someone hurts me, oh watch out! She is my constant in this crazy world.
Unfortunately I am east coast and she is west coast, but that doesn’t matter when the chips are down. The time difference makes talking difficult, but when we do talk it is like nothing changed. Last night I just needed to talk to her, I was having a bad day. I called her and she wasn’t available. I was sad, but it happens. She called back and the first thing we talk about is music. She wanted to apologize to me for changing the channel when a Pete Townshend solo song came on. I totally understand. To me there is him and then everyone else in the music world (well except for maybe any member of Pearl Jam), but even I change the station sometimes when it isn’t a The Who song. And this is our connection…music. Yes, we are connected through blood, history, etc. but when it comes to music, that is what brings us together.

No matter what is going on, we can talk about music. Our family loves music. Any Facebook friend can see that when the majority of posts between me, my sister and three brothers are music related. The family is quite divided on the brilliance that is Roxette. Recently when my sister was deployed to Afghanistan, we would have music debates via email. It was a way for her to forget where she was, and me to forget how much I missed her.
Like any sibling relationship, there are ups and downs. We didn’t always get along, and still don’t agree with each other on everything. We have vastly different takes on Eddie Vedder, arguments a many over him and his music. There are times we both annoy the crap out of each other, that will always happen, and times we are upset with each other. Outside factors and people will get in the way, but we always have that sisterly bond to bring us back. I understand that there are now others in her life that come before me and will prevent the closeness we once had, but when I need her, she is there. Whether it’s a funny text, a random gift, or just a phone call, she finds me.

Laura Bush was an only child but she married into a family with siblings aplenty. George and Laura had two twin daughters and to me it seems that they have the closeness I share with my sister. I would like the think that Laura supported this closeness. I am sure her daughters have their differences, but being raised with a mom who amazes me daily, I am sure they work through it and are always there for the other when needed. When I don’t talk to my sister for a while for whatever reason, I think how would Laura handle it? Would she get angry? Would she be bitter? Nope, she would know that when she really needed someone, they would be there. I support my sister in everything and she does the same for me. I love you big sister. What would Laura Bush do?

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  1. And I love my little sister. I admire you for following your dreams, even though the road is rocky. "Hard was the journey, dark was the way... "