Saturday, April 19, 2014


Well I made it 5 days with something to write, well blog, and on day six I am drawing a blank. What do I want to say today? Even after a nice run this morning, still not sure. What would Laura Bush do? Well I am not exactly sure what she would do, but I will just sit down at my laptop and wait for the words to come.

In my quest to end my writer’s block I began to think about the people in my life. Everyone currently starring in a feature role is there for a reason, to help or hurt. Those there to help know how I feel about them — you all rock. Those there to hurt I must ask, what is the lesson you are to teach me? Is it to show me that I can be kicked while down and still get up or is it to show me how I don’t want to be. I am sure it is somewhere in between. It is that in between that brings the most questions.

What about that person that in their head thinks they are a positive in your life, but when you stop to evaluate really has brought you nothing but disappointment. How would Laura Bush handle these people when just walking away isn’t an option? These are the people I am deciding on now whether to keep or just cut out. The people that to everyone else are wonderful but you see another side. Now it could just be me seeing things differently or they could just be really good at being fake. How many chances to upset you before you have enough?

We all have that person for one reason or another you don’t particularly get along with but others think is great. It happens. In those situations, I just remain quiet and classy. But the people that you were once close to but throughout the years you grew apart. Life goes in different directions. Success comes and goes, people change. When do you stop trying to make it work? When do you realize that you can no longer drop everything to be there for them when history proves they don’t do the same for you? These are questions I must begin to answer in my life. Letting some people go will be difficult, but it might just make me feel better in the end.

There may be no clear direction to today’s post, it was bound to happen. Not every day calls for Laura Bush or has a clear directive. This won’t be the last directionless blog. There may not be a clear direction for today, but as I continue my day I will still ask…What would Laura Bush do?  

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