Friday, January 22, 2016

Where my girls at?

“Waste time with a masterpiece, don’t waste time with a masterpiece,” Cake By The Ocean, DNCE

Sometimes you just need to ask, where my girls at? Tonight amongst an impending snow storm, I went to dinner with two of my friends. And it was exactly what I needed. Snow was coming down, but we weren’t bothered by it. We had drinks, food, conversation, and laughs.
It is funny how people come into your life. These two are by far two of the best additions to my life. The three of us went to school together, but it wasn’t until later in life we truly became friends. What started as a shared love of live music turned into great friendships.

These are the two that I now go to when I need to talk and that was what I needed tonight. We talked about everything going on and they listened. But more importantly, they supported me. Each weighed in on the situation with honesty, but also with kindness. I am thankful for both of them.
After we parted so we could each get home safely, I couldn’t help but wonder how you can be closer to someone you haven’t really known that long, and so far distanced from people that you have known for years. Is it simply that you outgrow each other, or is it something else? Is it something that I am doing?

I have an amazing ability to walk away. I may be dying inside, but I never show it. Yes, I do have this ability, but I also give people too many chances before I get to this point. If I cut you off, chances are you handed me the scissors. So is this why those I once sought when I was down have been replaced? Or is it simply these two came into my life at the perfect moment?
I will always be polite to my friends no matter how long it has been since we have talked, but is it wrong to not confide in them like old times? Everyone has their own lives and I can’t be selfish enough to think that I will always fit in in the same manner that I once did. This is just the nature of the beast. But should I feel guilty about that? Should I be mad when a friend gets jealous of me confiding in others? What would Laura Bush do?

I would like to think that all my friends just want the best for me, as I do them. I would like to think that my friends know I will always be there, but that sometimes we have different paths. We no longer have the same commitments, but we are forever friends.
So next time I feel as if a friendship isn’t what it once was, I will remember to look at the big picture. I will remember the good times. I will remember to ask, what would Laura Bush do?  

Author’s Note: My friend absolutely loves this song; there was no better choice for this entry.

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