Sunday, January 17, 2016

Two situations

“Plus I showed up with a coat fresher than wet paint. So if love is a chess game, check mate,” Berzerk, Eminem

Today I faced two situations that required me to stop and ask, what would Laura Bush do?
The first was in the result of a message from someone. It was someone that I recently had a falling out with. It was from someone that I didn’t think I would hear from again, they made their choice, nor was I sure that I ever wanted contact again. As I read the “innocent” message I was plagued with what to do. Should I engage and just lay it all out there, or do I ignore it? What to do?

I thought for a little while and came to this conclusion, I was going to be nice. I will answer the question asked and leave it at that. I could ignore it, but how is that being kind? Remember, there is no reason not to be kind. You can be angry, but you can’t be unkind. I could lay into the person since they opened the door, but what would that accomplish other than making me angrier? So I answered, got a response back, and that was all she wrote.
I don’t know the reason behind the seemingly innocent text. I have never been one that can read between the lines. I don’t pick up on everything. I am clueless. But I believe that to the best of my ability, I was classy. It may be the end of our contact, but that is now out of my hands. I am Ok with how I behaved.

The second moment was later in the day when talking to someone. This person knows all involved and I could have easily unloaded on them all that has happened. They would be interested. But they would spread it around. They would want people to know the truth. While I am thankful that they would be standing up for me and my wellbeing, I am glad that I never mentioned a word. I never mentioned anything even remotely close to the situation. I thought to myself, what would that solve? How would that not make me sink to a level I don’t want to be on? How would that help my privacy that I value so deeply? How would that be Laura Bush? So I remained quiet and I am happy that I did. Silence is my policy.
I was faced with two situations and I believe I did just as Laura Bush would. It may be for nothing in the grand scheme of things to others, but remaining classy will always be something to me. Thank you, Laura Bush.

Author’s note: People always seem to be surprised that I love Eminem. I don’t agree with him on many things (he is far removed from Laura Bush), but what I do agree with is his ability to use words. I get lost in his use of words. I don’t have his talent, but perhaps someday a reader will get lost in my words.

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