Saturday, January 16, 2016


“And you’re trying to find an opening line or a brilliant idea, and you’re pacing the floor, and hoping for just a bit of divine intervention,” Hard to Be the Bard, Something Rotten

Wow, two posts in one day…what! After coming home from a great night with my BFF and her family, I wasn’t tired. I should be and have to be to work awfully early, but I am not tired. I don’t think I will sleep much. And when I don’t sleep, words race through my head and the only cure is getting them out Laura Bush style.
What I was thinking about on my way home is clear signs when something or someone is over. There are many different signs, on many different levels that can signify the end of something. Aside from death, there is one that I think is a clear-cut sign that something has ended — defending. When someone does not defend you, you know it is over. Whether it is friend or a significant other, defending shows you where you stand.

In my case, I wasn’t defended to someone. This person said things that were not true to someone that knows better and who should have come to my defense. This didn’t happen and I knew in that situation that it was time to tap out. For whatever reason, they didn’t say a word and let the non-truth be said. That was their decision and that reflects their character. Yes the things said reflect mine, but only if people choose to believe it. How someone feels about me or what they believe to be true is on them and frankly none of my business.
So what would Laura Bush do when faced with a situation that she was not treated in a respectful way. Would she say something? Would she stand her ground? Would she walk away? I don’t know exactly, but I know she would handle it with class. She would just remain mature in whatever path she chooses. I am choosing to take a step back. I am choosing to let the two involved have each other; they deserve each other and don’t deserve me. They don’t deserve my words. They don’t deserve my defense. But I believe everyone deserves kindness. So kindness is what I will give them. Aside from this entry that they will most likely never discover, I will walk away. This I believe is the kindest thing I can do. I will be Laura Bush.

But just because one person doesn’t defend you when they know the truth, doesn’t mean someone else won’t. My BFF may not always agree with my choices, but she always agrees with me. She will support me no matter what. This is how friends should always be. If you have a friend that does this for you, hold on to them. Always treat them with kindness. Always cherish them.

While I begin to sort through whom to keep in my life, I will make sure to look at a person’s actions in all situations. Actions speak louder than words ever could. Are you worth it to keep around? Should I move on and away no matter how long we have been a part of each other’s lives? And most importantly when reevaluating friendships, what would Laura Bush do?

Author’s note: I went a little different route tonight and used a musical as my lyric. This musical is my new favorite and was playing as I finished this blog. Why not use it? Look it up, it’s great!

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